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House plants

Houseplants in summerhouse

Seasonally we will have plants such as Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, Euphorbia, Roses, Cactus, Aloe, Begonias, foliage plants, scented, tropical and mixed succulents. Each month our range will change with the weather.

Cute cacti

We stock a range of plants throughout the year, from Poinsettias in December to succulents that enjoy the heat in summer.

Chunky cheeseplants
Scents and health

Cactus are a must have for any room! They need very little water (if any!) during the winter and love a sunny window sill or well lit spot. Water once a month during the spring and summer and eventually some varieties will produce a very bright flower.

They are slow growing and extremely interesting. Re-pot in grit and soil.




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