This year all our cut Christmas Trees are the same price as last year!

And they are all BRITISH!

Due to Covid we will have measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Please wear face coverings/use our free hand sanitiser when you enter.

If you have gloves please spray them with our sanitiser before handling the trees.

During busy periods of the day we may have to close the gates and have a queuing area in the car park. We will then let you in as soon as it is safe.

Families are more than welcome, please keep your children with you at all times.

  We will be offering free local delivery (within a 5 mile radius) 2 times a week as well as Click and Collect if you do not wish to enter our premises.

Please call us to arrange collection/delivery, payment will be taken in full over the phone via card.

 If you wish your tree to be netted we have a safe, staff only, area and then your tree will be placed on pallets while you browse/pay.


Our Christmas Trees are all PREMIUM grade and they are all BRITISH, from nurseries in Scotland! Low carbon footprint, responsibly sourced and freshly cut.


Norway Spruce is the classic Christmas tree with a wonderful scent. Prickly dark green foliage.  

Grown in Britain, premium grade.

The sizes and prices for each tree are 

4'  120/150cm  £20 SOLD OUT

5'  150/180cm  £24 SOLD OUT

6'  180/210cm   £28 SOLD OUT

7'  210/240cm   £32 SOLD OUT

8'  240/270cm   £60 SOLD OUT


8 foot Norway 2019
7 foot Norway 2019
4 foot Omorika 2019 1600x80 res.jpg


The Omorika Spruce has a narrower habit than the Nordmann, has softer blue needles and holds them better than the Norway Spruce. British grown and premium grade.

Sometimes they even have cones within the foliage!

Sizes and prices for each individual tree are

4'  120/150cm   £20 SOLD OUT

5'  150/180cm   £24 SOLD OUT



British grown, the Nordmann Fir holds the needles better than any of the other species , has dark green foliage with a blue tinge and a bushy habit.

Premium grade.

Sizes and prices for each tree are

      4'  120/150cm  £30 SOLD OUT    5'  150/180cm   £38

now reduced to £30

    6'  180/210cm   £48

now reduced to £38

      7'  210/240cm  £65 SOLD OUT       8' 240/270cm   £95  SOLD OUT   

5 foot Nordmann 2019 1600x80 res.jpg
nordman christmas tree

 We have a limited quantity in this year of Koreanna Fir. They hold their needles very well and have a uniform bushy habit with a unique fragrance.

Premium grade and grown in Scotland.

Sizes and prices for each tree are 

 6'  180/210cm   £35 LIMITED

now reduced to £30

 7'  210/240cm  £40 LIMITED

now reduced to £35

5 foot Koreanna 2019 1600x80 res.jpg
Blue Spruce 2019 1600x80 res.jpg

Blue Spruce are available again this year. Grown in Scotland, stunning bright blue foliage, with a strong scent, good needle retention and prickly like the Norway Spruce. 

Sizes and prices are

4'   120/150cm  £30 SOLD OUT

5'   150/180cm  £37 SOLD OUT

6'   180/210cm  £45 1 LEFT

now reduced to £37

7'   210/240cm  £52 SOLD OUT


If you can't find your tree stand that you put in a 'safe place' last year, then don't panic, we have a great selection in stock. Various sizes and colours are available.

Produced here in Britain.

Want to keep it simple this year? Then take home a pot grown Christmas tree and you'll have it for years to come. Blue Spruce pot grown from Somerset are only £20 each!

Christmas tree stands 2019
Medium handmade 14 inch wreath 2018 1600




Our hand made wreaths are made by us, here at the Garden Centre.

We will be having a variety of sizes and styles again this year with a mixture of foliage and decorations and all made daily. Please ask in store for details.


 National Garden Gift Vouchers are sold and redeemed here, both paper and card types, please ask in store for more details.

Pear shaped all plant material wreath 20