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In the Shop

Here you will find a comprehensive range of gardening equipment including secateurs, gloves and tools including forks, spades, rakes and other hand tools.


We stock insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilisers and weed killers, with a high majority being environmentally friendly using natural chemicals/ingredients.

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Seeds are now supplied by Thompson and Morgan and we have a good range of both vegetable and flower seeds. New in for this season we have seeds for attracting bees, pollinators and predators!

Other ranges in the shop include seasonal lawn care products along with hoses and hozelock equipment, pots, labels, string and all the other little items you need. We also sell HTA National Garden Gift Cards.


Sharp sand, silver sand, coarse grit and horticultural potting grit for the growers and citrus, desert, orchid and house plant composts for the indoor plants are stocked all year round.

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hanging basket

Hanging baskets are fabulous for adding a splash of colour and we have both wire (and liners) and wicker baskets in various sizes. We offer a hanging basket/pot planting service so just pop in and ask for details.

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