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Fruit and Ornamental Trees

In stock all year round is a good collection of ornamental trees like Eucalyptus, Mountain Ash and Cherry.

Most of our trees are well grown and can be up to 2.5m in height, free local delivery is available.

Our 2-3 year old fruit trees include Apple, Pear, Cherry and Plum to name but a few. Old enough to fruit with strong root systems and sturdy growth.

Ornamental trees, Eucalyptus, hardy trees, free local dlivery over £30 in value
Good selecion nof mainly deciduous hardy trees from dwarf top-worked trees at just 2m up to an eventual height of 40m.
Loganberry, soft fruit, Cornwall, Falmouth
Strawberry , soft fruit, Cornish

Seasonally we stock a good variety of soft fruits like gooseberry, raspberry, blueberry and redcurrants.

All grown in pots and ready for fruiting either during the summer or later on in the year.

Add a good amount of well rotted manure as they all enjoy rich soil (blueberries require an acid soil so plant them with ericaceous compost not manure).

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