Pots and ornaments

A large and comprehensive range of terracotta, glazed and plastic pots is stocked all year round.

Free local delivery over £30 in value is available 3 times a week, normally Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Terracotta pots range from large right down to small plain spang, every size you could want.

New pots and bird baths
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Our glazed pots are well made, frost proof and come in all shapes, colours, sizes and designs. Supplied by Woodlodge, a national, long established firm, that deals with a wide range of terracotta pot suppliers from around the world!

We also stock a good variety of plastic pots and troughs, from dark greens and browns to bright pinks and yellows. 

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Our ornaments vary from the classic birdbaths through to small animals both real and imaginary to more humourous statues and plaques. Something for all tastes.