Wildlife in the garden

Caring for the wildlife in your garden can help the environment and bring enjoyment to the whole family.


We carry a wide range of items from bird food, tables and nest boxes to bug hotels and small animal bedding.

Our bird feeder range includes a variety of seed and nut feeders from small inexpensive starter feeders up to full squirrel proof nut and seed feeders.


Our bird boxes and bug hotels are well designed and constructed and easy to place around the garden.

We have an extensive choice of bird food which is sold loose. You can have as little as 1lb or buy a whole bag. Choices include a standard mix, premium (best seller), black sunflower, robin and songbird mix, sunflower hearts, nyjer, suet pellets, suet blocks and fat balls as well as peanuts and mealworms. 

Also available to order is animal bedding like sawdust, hay and straw.

We also sell fish food.


We have in stock an array of animal repellents including animal and environmental friendly products which deter but don't harm.

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